Car Buyer Lead Generation for Car Dealerships

Debt Settlement Lead Generation

Leads are generated via: organic, search, native, content and display.

100% of our leads are generated internally by our media group. We are in complete control, guaranteeing the best quality and exclusivity.

Our company will only provide leads that are of high intent - therefore if lead contact does not agree with a free debt consultation the lead will never be sent to you.

All leads we send are guaranteed to have at least $10,000 of unsecured debt as dictated by the contact.

Each lead forwarded will contain the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Best Contact Telephone Number
Postal Code
Amount of Debt
Debt Type
Employment Status

Lead Delivery

Leads will be delivered at your choice in any and all of the following ways --

• directly to your CRM
• to an email address or multiple email addresses provided
• via upload to a Google spreadsheet
• on the moon if you require, we will make it happen -- we are that good!

Leads are exclusive to you and we guarantee that your company will be the only ones to receive the lead when it is generated. We do not sell a lead to multiple companies at the same time.

All of our landing pages are 100% compliant with the Canada Antispam Legislation (CASL) with expressed consent required via opt in box indicating that they have requested contact from our debt partners.

Replacement Policy

Our lead replacement policy is simple. Our agency will replace any lead within 7 calendar days from the time that a lead is delivered to your team that has either a disconnected or otherwise bad contact telephone number, if the lead we provided actually lives outside of the region you have requested for us to provide, and lastly, if the lead that is sent is a duplicate of one we have already provided to your team within the last 30 days.

Live Transfers

The idea of a "live transfer" program is to immediately connect a captivated lead to a live agent, alleviating any potential constraints and difficulties of reaching the qualifying lead.

With this program, all leads will be contacted, qualified and connected within the clients business hours only.

A live transfer program initiative would resemble the following format;

(1) Our agent will initially confirm genuine interest with the lead, then qualify them to insure that the person has over $10,000 worth of unsecured debt and a minimum income of $2,500 per month.

(2) As the conversation evolves once the lead is qualified, the interested party is conveyed the content of a pre-written script that pertains to the benefits of debt settlement. We will wherever possible, incorporate any portion of our client’s existing scripting and brand name within the content of our existing script. This will allow the warm lead to now already become familiar with our client and their brand, offering a greater familiarity and enhanced chance of closing the lead for our client.

All calls would therefore be branded, so the lead will know in advance who they will be speaking with. As a result, trust is transferred and therefore beneficial to enhance conversions in a non-intrusive manner.

(3) The consumer is put on a quick hold and our client is called.

(4) Once our client picks up, our agent will convey that we have an interested lead on the line. We connect the two parties to a conversation and introduce the lead to our client. Our agent would then leave the call allowing the client and lead to pursue a conversation pertaining to debt settlement.

This live transfer is a more expensive program initiative but certainly has its benefits with brand enhancement, greater conversions and trust enriched for clients that currently have the proper setup in place to handle the live transfer.

Terms of Payment

Let's get this out of the way.

We are a very successful boutique media company and lead generation provider. We welcome all new business and all new clients. However, we do not float monies for any campaign regardless of size and scope. We will not buckle ourselves or chase. We are great at what we do but simply not in a position to adhere to any other payment policy.

Payment is made in advance of any order before any media buy is placed. There are simply no exceptions made regardless of size or scope.

Invoices are paid by Direct Deposit, EFT, Wire Transfer or Email Transfer. No credit cards and here is why -- a client can actually obtain full monies back up to 180 days upon receipt of leads. So if we have a client who is purchasing 100 leads per week, 400 per month and 2,400 over a 6 month period of time, you can only imagine what would happen to our business if these funds were reversed. We are more than happy to adapt and work with any client on large orders with smaller pre-pay amounts if required for each batch delivery, not a problem and this is no issue at all. We simply are just not in a position to be financially devastated and have the rug pulled beneath us. We will take a pass on that.

We do not bind any client to any contract, nor do we bind ourselves to any client. We will work with you on an invoice by invoice basis to insure that you are genuinely happy + satisfied with our products and services and you are not rendered helpless if you want out of our lead generation services. This is not in anyones best interest. The decision is always yours. You call the shots.

For any further lead delivery questions, samples or more information please reach out.

To launch a successful program, contact us by telephone, via email or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.