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CASL Compliant Canada B2C Consumer Email List File

At the core of what we do, cmi Media offers marketing campaigns to drive customer loyalty and maximize customer lifetime revenue to your marketing stack.

Our mission is to deliver results that match your ambitions. We believe in the importance of transparency.

CASL Compliant Canada B2C Consumer Email List File

Cody Montana Media offers a 675,000+ responsive Canadian B2C email prospect list that is CASL compliant meeting all procedures for aggregation.

With the changing business ecosystem facing us today, more than ever before, companies need channel solutions that will expedite their brand and messaging.

Audiences are browsing with greater frequency and relevance. Consumers have never been more focused and engaged online than they are now, as their primary means of interacting, browsing and shopping is via their computer or smartphone and communication by email.

This CASL compliant Canadian consumer email file offers an accelerated response to your content in a meaningful way. Our partners can more effectively acquire new customers, expedite communication, boost engagement, increase revenue, and drive brand loyalty and product adoption.

The data file is with full permission collection of the audience members contact name, email address, full postal mailing information with data points of selection by Province (100%), Gender (70%), and birth year (94%).

• 17% are between the ages of 18 - 30
• 29% are between the ages of 30 - 40
• 25% are between the ages of 40 - 50
• 18% are between the ages of 50 - 60
• 10% are between the ages of 60 +

• 60% of the audience is female
• 40% of the audience is male

• 8% live in the province of Alberta
• 13% live in the province of British Columbia
• 5% live in the province of Manitoba
• 4% live in the province of New Brunswick
• 3% live in the province of Newfoundland
• 1% live in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut
• 6% live in the province of Nova Scotia
• 50% live in the province of Ontario
• 1% live in the province of PEI
• 5% live in the province of Quebec
• 4% live in the province of Saskatchewan

Collection of subscriber audience data is conducted in a non-invasive style, embodying a unique culture that must be respected. Visitors pass through via organic traffic, targeted display advertising on site portals, in-path, influencer, email or social media initiatives. Our portals provide added value content to consumers, while establishing and creating a meaningful connection with our audience in a non-intrusive relevant matter providing a unique opportunity to click, browse and carouse.

As a marketing initiative, utilizing this email list file will drive revenue growth, as the entrant user flow is a tried and true way of building brand exposure and getting noticed in today's attention-scarce world.

This list is great for multiple verticals, providing industry leading traffic and advertising solutions that are tied to critical business objectives and measurement frameworks. Ideal prospects for digital marketing and brand advertising, over the past 20 years, has yielded successful email marketing campaigns in these verticals:

• sweepstakes
• shopping
• travel + vacation offers
• fundraising + charitable contributions
• home + kitchen
• lifestyle purchasing
• promotional savings
• financial offers
• deals/discounts

... and other verticals

With a program mandate of adding value and enhancing the user’s experience, an email advertising campaign provides an effective way for a business to identify, engage and acquire new prospects for initiatives tied to measurement frameworks for a cornucopia of advertiser initiatives:

• building of goodwill, brand equity, loyalty and viral marketing initiatives
• encouraging risk free product trials and loyalty programs that build sales
• using prospect submissions to conduct market panel research
• building of a mailing list to initiate and develop correspondence
• understanding prospects attitudes, perceptions of value and purchasing behavior
• gauging the impact and current health/viability of a product or service
• pricing strategy in determining how consumers respond to various price points
• product testing, packaging, design and launch evaluation capabilities
• proactive customer feedback and engagement
• cost-effectively build awareness and interest about product offerings
• maintain an ongoing, two-way dialogue with your online audience
• gain valuable real-time feedback from customers
• recruit the online influencers, creating evangelists for your brand

Consumers gravitate to added value email offers, yielding further reward sharing and engagement on social channels and advocates tied to its content. The audience will connect and evangelize your brand.

Offering the consumer a vivid experience with a branded offer cannot be matched, establishing and creating a meaningful connection between the audience and the advertiser in kind. Branding is being conducted in a non-invasive style, providing the most effective way to acquire and maintain a client for life. The value proposition is in place with loyalty marketing initiatives to value the relationship upon its inception for the sustenance of the lead and not its abandonment. Leveraging a company’s loyalty execution will facilitate the lead to a sale conversion funnel.

You have the ability to drive user loyalty and maximize customer lifetime revenue to a company’s marketing stack.

Details and Pricing:

This file is rented on a cost per email basis.

Deployment to this list is subject to approval of the email content in advance by cmi Media. Not all campaigns are accepted.

To note, the structure of the email footer has an unsubscribe link resembling the following content. "This email is deployed in accordance with Canadian Law and CASL compliance. You the subscriber, provided consent to receive further information on this date <:customfield3:> at this website <:customfield1:> with the IP Address <:customfield4:>. You may withdraw your consent at any time." CASL Compliant Canada Consumer Email Database List File (PDF)

Why Choose cmi Media


• At the core of what we do, cmi Media offers marketing campaigns to drive customer loyalty and maximize customer lifetime revenue to your marketing stack

• Collaborate and provide authentic grassroots thinking focused on the best solutions to bring value to a project and see it through to the end

• Growing our partner footprint and increasing company revenues

• Our impact translates key performance indicator insights into actionable results that align with business objectives and produce A/B testing to achieve expected outcomes or correct unsatisfactory results

• Create and execute a strategy for lead generation while simultaneously scaling sales targets

• Plan, execute and review tactics to improve the lead to sale conversion funnel

• Brainstorm to come up with original, inspiring ideas that meet company objectives and leverage our best assets

The vision behind our work is distinct and clear. The formula is simple at its core.

Provide industry leading marketing, advertising and lead generation solutions in order to identify, engage, acquire, and develop new prospects designed exclusively for businesses that have initiatives tied to critical business objectives and measurement frameworks -- such as ROI, brand awareness and external communication.

Cody Montana Media Inc. (cmi Media) will create and implement the marketing initiative and match that effort with follow through that will craft a long-term relationship in the pursuit of the conversion of a prospect to a customer. Indicative of our portfolio, it will not materialize with the same cookie-cutter accession that a typical vendor will take.

The company edict is driven by a commitment to position the client judiciously for growth, and with it, a belief in forward thinking to encourage those ideas that will strategically lay the foundation for their continued success.

Pinpoint and engage the right audience; generate fantastic results; be 100% accountable with trust, etiquette, protocol and transparency.

At cmi Media, we do not underestimate the power of the smallest actions, and we do things the right way the first time.

Lead Generation
Marketing, Advertising and Lead Generation Solutions

Through a philosophy of integration, cmi Media is accomplished in building, extending, and transforming client business models through traditional and emerging marketing initiatives, providing the technical excellence and innovative creativity that lead to successful campaigns, executing and producing campaigns that align with the brand vision. Agency services are offered in isolation, but numerous client campaigns tap the full breadth of our offerings.

Initiatives are most often associated directly with the integration of new methods and technologies of a digital nature. Some of what we employ as we adapt to harnessing the power of marketing communications to conceive, plan, and execute value-added solutions to improve our clients' business performance is below.

• search and keyword tagging
• database marketing techniques and analysis
• AI platform technology (see below)
• behavioral marketing
• mobile advertising
• permission based email deployment
• social media
• influencer marketing programs
• content rich advertorials
• native advertising
• sponsored ads
• affiliate and partner programs
• promotional paths
• and more ...

Our innovative metrics allow clients and advertisers to launch their brand into the marketplace and measure its effectiveness while optimizing at each branding stage with A/B split testing. With the cultivation of program initiatives, value added offers, brand recognition, and consumer goodwill, our agency will map and provide industry leading lead generation solutions for clients, that are tied to critical business objectives in order to produce ancillary growth with a positive ROI.

Since 1996, we have implemented marketing technology with business intelligence, successfully and effectively establishing a meaningful connection between the consumer audience and advertisers in kind. No matter what type of client partner is on hand, the level of service, or tools your enterprise requires, our agency provides solutions to drive sustainable growth.

cmi Media adheres to the ideals of business etiquette and principals of trust with a supportive and flexible approach in a non-intrusive relevant matter that beckons success.

Marketing, Advertising and Lead Generation Solutions

cmi Media owns and operates multiple business-to-consumer website properties, portals, funnels and splash pages.

The agency initiates and architects media buys for customized traffic and lead generation campaign solutions for both national and local clients, while being attentive to the needs of our audience culture and subscribers, as we place value and loyalty at the core of our relationships. With every project we are involved in, we foster a positive difference through a strong sense of ethical identity, etiquette and protocol.

Campaigns for custom platform lead generation initiatives are without boundary and have extended to the following verticals but are not limited to;

• sweepstakes and contests
• fundraising
• charitable contributions
• promotional savings
• shop and win
• car loans and auto financing
• car warranty
• product financing
• money management instruments
• insurance products; auto, health, life, home, travel
• financial products
• investing and wealth
• debt consolidation
• mortgage
• credit repair; credit education; credit dispute process
• personal loans
• banking and credit cards

Every client faces the challenge of demonstrating the value of its products and services to existing and potential customers in the most effective way. Our team will outline the program, provide the architecture, wireframes and user flows to ensure that our clients get exactly what they require.

cmi Media traffic and lead generation solutions offer a client dynamic capabilities in marketing initiatives and customer acquisition. The agency will introduce and enhance their brand presence to gain access to both local and global markets, strengthen their relationships with existing customers while also attracting new prospects.

We own and manage multiple B2C audience portals for lead generation and traffic solutions. The most popular property -- -- connects our Canadian audience with businesses and advertisers in kind, impacting customer acquisition and loyalty retention -- offering sweepstakes, travel, gift cards, promotional savings and merchandise as a means of introduction in a non-intrusive relevant manner to trusted brands.

Other agency websites include --

Guaranteed Traffic to Your Website

Guaranteed Geographically Targeted Traffic Packages

Are you looking for the easiest way to get a huge traffic boost on your website? We can deliver traffic from 45 different countries, targeted for your site category. Our campaign guarantees your website will see a huge increase in inbound traffic immediately.

We offer top-level visitors to all our customers.

All will come from organic search. No pop up traffic. No full page pop under traffic. No overlay traffic. No wack-a-doodle nonsense traffic. Check out what others do and then feel free to reach out to us. Simply put, we have access to current domains, a publisher network, social media influencers and expired domains that all reroute inexpensive traffic based upon your geograpic selection. It is all organic search traffic.

And no lies here, as we are frequently asked if paid traffic helps SEO. Only search engine optimization will help improve SEO. Paid traffic will have no change in your search engine position, but can rocket your sales, leads or brand.

Be clear so there is no promise unkept or misunderstanding. This traffic is exponentially less expesive and costly than all other search traffic. If you are not aware of this then you are in the wrong place. This is a brilliant program for many companies, brands, vendors, e-commerce sites and a host of other verticals. But it will not work for all. Know this in advance. You are the best judge of how compelling your offer is to a consumer whose attention you have for probably 3 - 7 seconds. Is there a value proposition?

What we provide is guaranteed visitors from your geographically selected territory. Obviously there is no guarantee of completed leads, purchases of product or sales of any kind -- that is up to your content and product or service offering -- we provide a 100% guarantee of real poeple to your website and a steady flow of visitors. You will get targeted visitors, potential customers, improved search rankings and most importantly real web traffic.

Your team will receive a custom link that will provide full real-time reporting and you can confirm it on your Google Analytics.

Here is what the report will show;
Guaranteed Visitor Traffic Solutions

Get started immediately. While your team does its own internal marketing, we can provide inexpensive continual traffic to enhance your ROI and brand. Our ad technology will display your whole website via our advertising network. This gives you instant access to millions of potential customers.

You provide us with a URL and selected country or countries you want traffic driven from.

Package prices are as follows:

• 5.0¢ per visitor on orders between $300 - $1,000
• 4.0¢ per visitor on orders between $1,001 - $3,000
• 3.0¢ per visitor on orders between $3,001 and up

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Digital Marketing for Lead Generation

cmi Media is capable of implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Digital Marketing for Lead Generation to help brands grow and prosper with brilliant results in the AI era.

We are creating a system of intelligence for the marketing ecosystem so clients can make every customer engagement smarter, faster and more relevant. The agency utilizes artificial intelligence driven audience behavior platforms that directly quantifies web and mobile destinations with audience insights, targeting and measurement solutions designed to understand, influence, convert and measure the consumer journey. Marketers, agencies, consultancies and publishers use AI to discover new customers, drive incremental growth and deliver business outcomes that outperform any traditional model.

cmi Media will leverage AI for a client when an initiative warrants it, yielding superior results.

A case example is best denoted and exemplified by Car Zoo --

This portal was built and developed specifically for automotive dealership clients. The lead generation technology implemented is the exact "pre-owned inventory game changer" that every dealership is looking for. The quality and intent of customers coming through the application is stronger than ever; a car audience that is ready to buy.

By means of, and drawing upon AI platform technology, Car Zoo matches and acquires, in market, high intent active car buyers, to a dealership's existing used vehicle inventory by VIN. With complete transparency in a non-invasive manner, the active car buyer is building a relationship with the dealership. We employ machine learning algorithms, search history and thousands of data points identifying unique patterns to serve car buyer ads to the right audience, generating personalized dynamic ads on both display and social networks. For this project, significant time and resources is spent to generate content to identify, attract and track in-market car buyers, fostering and triggering audiences while putting them into buckets for successful engagement with a dealerships unique pre-owned inventory. In the end, it is a 5 to 8 multi touch point system that the consumer has gone through with trackable results. This car shopper requests immediate contact from a dealership sales team about a vehicle they are already familiar with and interested in pursuing to buy.

This is significant and paramount to the cmi Media business model, as the request for contact is solely initiated by the car buyer in this case, and as a result, this potential customer is attracted to the client dealership at the point of contact, enriching the relationship. The value creation afforded by Car Zoo will have then run full circle. Our product is a game changer every dealership is looking for, disrupting traditional lead generation for pre-owned vehicles. We are unique in this approach.

Lead Generation Solutions

Lead generation solutions will only yield successful results if the appropriate initiatives are in place to value the relationship upon its inception.

It is not a simple task and will require a predetermined infrastructure set in place by both the management and sales team for the sustenance of the lead and not its abandonment. Monies and budgets go into attracting new customers, while the ultimately more important task of nourishing the lead gets a lower glamour rating.

We continuously remind our clients that loyalty marketing will yield both short term growth and long term success. The key is to engage the prospect and reward their intent. This is a significant proposition to the value creation, as not every single potential lead will concede the immediacy of a sale. Offering a consistently vivid experience with your brand is something a competitor cannot match. With a well-orchestrated program to cultivate business, the result will be an increase in conversion and retention – and the prospects for a positive relationship with customers and ROI will soar.

cmi Media facilitates a genuine interaction of marketing that is capable of leveraging brand awareness with loyalty to cultivate business and guide lead generation solutions according to business goals, and do so in a much friendlier manner.

Branding is being conducted in a non-invasive style, providing the most effective way for a client to acquire and maintain a potential prospect. The value creation afforded by the agency will have then run full circle.

Contact the Agency

We are a Canadian company with a delicious appetite.

Contact our agency and begin a conversation with our team pertaining to lead generation solutions and emerging marketing initiatives to identify, acquire, and develop new prospects designed exclusively for your business.