Car Buyer Lead Generation for Car Dealerships

Car Buyer Lead Generation for Car Dealerships
Car Loan Lead Generation Websites for Car Dealerships Car Loan Lead Generation Websites for Car Dealerships

To the point, we help dealerships move more metal.

Our automotive portals generate active car buyer leads for participating dealerships, creating more sales, maximizing a dealerships marketing stack and conversion ratios.

We help a dealership grow and increase ROI.

To do that, we deploy unique and creative strategies designed to get the attention of high-quality vehicle buyers.

Simply put, we are experts in this vertical and deliver results that match your ambitions and do so with transparency.

300,000+ car loan leads have ben sold successfully since 2014.

We offer THREE programs to choose from to connect your dealership with customers actively searching for auto financing.

Subprime Financing Lead Generation for Car Dealerships

Our Canadian auto finance portals are generating a large volume of subprime car buyer leads.

We are seeing strong results as consumers are in need of both vehicles and financing. In a nutshell our leads create more sales.

Enhance your dealerships results and ROI.

Purchase auto financing leads this month and set appointments to move your Pre-Owned inventory.

You pick the province, city, radius and volume of leads required.

Pricing will be reflective of all of the aforementioned above, as media costs range by province and change monthly.

Know this:

• Our auto financing websites and lead portals receive inquiries from car shoppers daily who need to investigate auto financing

• Leads are generated from organic traffic to our website through natural search and ad placements with Google, Facebook, Car Gurus, YouTube, Financing partnerships + Instagram

• All leads are exclusive to your dealership and simply put, NEVER sold elsewhere

• All leads will have an income of $2,000 or more

• All leads will have a valid drivers license

• All leads will be the age of majority in the province

• All leads will have a connecting telephone number/email

• All leads will have an accurate point of contact

• A minimum order is 40 leads/month

• No vehicle inventory minimum.

To place an order with our team, to inquire about a program launch or availability of leads in your territory, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page or contact us by telephone or email.

VIN Lead Generation for Car Dealerships

To the point, this platform is Automotive Intelligent Lead Generation.

• We match and acquire in market high intent active car buyers to your dealership’s existing used vehicle inventory by VIN. This is furnished with complete transparency in a non-invasive manner, while the car buyer is building a relationship with your dealership.

This product initiative is the exact pre-owned inventory game changer that every dealership is looking for.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered digital marketing, we deliver 1rst party real-time leads right to your CRM, helping your team work smarter and sell more pre-owned inventory exponentially fast.

Know this:

• In order for a dealership/dealership group/BDC to place an order for this program, a pre-owned inventory level must be a minimum of 75 vehicles monthly and the purchase order is a minimum of 100 leads per month.

• Yes, we have the ability to combine inventory feeds of multiple dealerships within a group, to display a larger inventory choice to the active car buyer. All leads will go to the associated dealership or BDC but the order volume cannot restrict a pre-determined volume of leads per dealership feed, as the active car buyers interest in the vehicles displayed is what determines when a lead fires.

• Your active car buyer audience sees only your inventory - NEVER - any competitor’s inventory. This is the opposite of endemic websites like - Autotrader,, Car Gurus or Carpages - advertising 10+ vehicles of your competitors, right on your vehicle page. What a disadvantage to your dealership. We do nothing of the kind.

• In real-time to your CRM, your dealership will receive the prospective customer’s first and last name, their email address, primary phone number, postal code, the VIN number of the requested vehicle, the car make, model and year, the vehicle list price and its odometer mileage reading in KM.

Car Zoo singularly provides a lead to the dealership of a car shopper actively taking a minimum of 5 to 8 steps before they submit their information.

This active car buyer requests immediate contact from your sales team about a vehicle they are already familiar with and interested in pursuing to buy.

As a direct result, the dealership takes delivery of a highly motivated car buyer, a prime candidate to pick up the vehicle and drive it home. If that particular vehicle is not the perfect match for the active car buyer, the dealership, has now developed a warm personal relationship with the car shopper and can showcase their entire portfolio of available inventory.

More detailed content pertaining to this platorm and integration of this program initiative can be found at

To place an order with our team, to inquire about a program launch or availability of leads in your territory, please visit or simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page or contact us by telephone or email.

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Unlimited Traffic to Dealership Website for Media Buy

cmi Media = Automotive marketing success.

When it comes to your digital presence, you only have a small window of opportunity to engage and interact with online car buyers. If you don’t, you can be sure your competition will do so.

cmi Media's team of experts can generate direct car buyer traffic right to your dealership landing page. You'll benefit from greater traffic, growth and ROI.

Our expertise in traffic generation will provide dynamic solutions and visitors to your website and VDP pages. It is seamless and intelligent media buying from experts to create real sales opportunities and in-store visits.

When it comes to car shopping, websites are clearly a major influencer in a buyer’s decision making process.

A 2020 report showed that 56% of car buyers indicated that they only visited one dealership before buying. Let our team get you that visitor!

We are big believers in local marketing and geo-targeting, so we understand how important it is for you to market to your local clientele and target customers with whom you can have a relationship with.

• Enhance your current initiatives
• Supplement your in-house team
• Utilize our expertise alone

There is maximum transparency. We send you reports and your Dealership Google Analytics will detail the traffic reporting.

Month-to-month billing. No long-term contracts.

• Did you know 97% of people looking to purchase a car start their journey online. So how can a dealership deal with this challenge?

Here's how:

• By being smarter about advertising and media buys
• By hiring our team of experts to drive car buyers to your digital lot

Our pricing structure is simple:

Our agency fee is 35% of the media buy. If your dealership media buy is $10,000 your invoice from our team is $13,500.

6 month and yearly contracts where you dealership hires our expertise and engages us full time, as a straight fee regardless of media buy budget is also a consideration. The benefit to your dealership is you have full time expertise, second to none, and not the associated costs of an employee in-house, who does not have the same capabilities as our agency.

We are a true partner, but you maintain full control. We are a boutique Canadian company with a delicious appetite.

Give your dealership an advantage. Advertise the right way with experts in the automotive vertical.

We will serve traffic with emerging marketing initiatives to identify, acquire, and develop new prospects designed exclusively for your dealership.

Ready To Get Started?

Drop us a line to inquire about a program launch. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or contact us by telephone or email.